Multi Ch. Imkahena Duma-Dayimani

LOF 6 RHO.RID 2578 / 484

Father: Shangani Pansa Dafina LOF

Mother: Ye Japha Imakana Kianga LOF

Born: 27/10/2008 in France, Entraigues sur la Sorge

Height: 66 cm

Weight: 41 kg

Colour: red wheaten

X-ray results: HD A / ED 0 and OCD free

Confirmed since 13.02.2011 in France, Société Centrale Canine, FCI

Breeders: Paula and Bruno Boucher


International Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Russian Champion
Champion of Hunting Dogs Russia 2011(RKF)
Champion of Working Dogs Russia 2011(RKF)

Duma means: well-known or famous

Dayimani means: diamond

Imani´s Pedigree is unique in Europe!
Her father is no less than the legendary and purely African-bred
Shangani Pansa Dafina.
His father, Umvutcha Matobo comes from the Sankey family
of the Umvutcha Kennel in Bulawayo,
and his mother Sarula Chikadzi was bred by no less than Linda Costa.

Imani´s mother Ye Japha Imakana Kianga, known better to some as "Vivi",
is descended from the dog Makaranga Hurricane,
a superb dog who lived in the early 1990s
and the imported bitch Glenaholm Jolly Jinx,
who comes from one of the oldest kennels in South Africa,
the Glenaholm Kennel founded in 1949 by Phyllis McCarthy,
which is today run by her daughter Laurie Venter.

Imani is, through her grandmother "Sarula Chikadzi",
a direct descendant in only the 19th generation from "Eskdale Dingo",
a "Cornelius van Royen dog“.

These purely African roots are quite evident in Imani and she is thus a worthy descendant of the old Rhodesian lines.

Former big game hunters would certainly have enjoyed her,
as she has all the properties of a "van Royen dog":


She is unbelievably persistent, brave, tough and powerful, but still very agile and has very quick reactions.

In her lies the heart of a true hunter and the soul of Africa.


South Africa 2011
Drakensberg Rhodesian Ridgeback
Wurfplanung Sommer 2020